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Gum Lift

If a gummy smile causes you to hide your grin, we can help. A gum lift improves the ratio of your smile so others notice your beautiful teeth instead.

Gum Lift

If a gummy smile causes you to hide your grin, we can help. A gum lift improves the ratio of your smile so others notice your beautiful teeth instead.

What is a Gum Lift?

When you show more pink gum than white teeth when you smile, it is official: you have a gummy smile. Often, when this is the case, you do not smile too broadly or hide your smile behind a hand when you laugh. A gum lift can remove excess gum tissue, which can make all the difference to your smile’s appearance.

Gum lifts are cosmetic dental procedures that remove or reshape the gum tissue in the area where your gums and teeth meet. Changing the gums’ shape elongates the appearance of your teeth, making your smile much more pleasing.

Gum Lift Treatment Benefits

Gum lifts are technically a surgical procedure but a very minor one. When you get a gum lift at our Sunderland dental practice, there are several benefits, including:
Gum Lift Treatment at Riveredge

Our Dentists Help You Show Off Your Teeth, Not Your Gums

If a gummy smile causes insecurity or self-consciousness, see the world-class dentists at Riveredge. We take great pride in creating smiles that patients love — including your gums.

Modern gum lifts are a straightforward procedure with a minimal recovery time — and we use anaesthesia to ensure your comfort throughout the contouring process. Our dentists have corrected gummy smiles or changed the appearance of small teeth through gum lifts. We gently remove excess gum tissue and sculpt the area around the teeth to create harmonious proportions of your smile.

FAQs About Gum Lifts

Learn more about gum lifts by reading these common patient questions about the treatment.

A gum lift sounds painful. Does it hurt?
Our patients are always pleasantly surprised with the minimal sensation they feel during a gum lift; it is much less than a simple extraction. Thanks to the marvels of modern anaesthetic techniques, you remain comfortable throughout the treatment.
Can I eat after a gum lift procedure?
Yes, but be careful with rough or sharp foods for a few days. Perhaps of more concern for some is that kissing is off the table for a few days too.
How long does the treatment take to heal?
There is no swelling or bruising after a gum lift, so you will recover much more quickly than expected. It is much less traumatic than a simple extraction, and we expect you to be back to your usual routine the next day.
Can anybody have a gum lift?
Yes, as long as you are fit, well, and you have stopped growing. Gum lift patients are generally 18 years or older. At Riveredge, we have a comprehensive assessment protocol (which Ken teaches to other dentists worldwide) to ensure you get optimal results.
Will the gum tissue grow back?
A gum lift is a very precise technique, but if carried out by an experienced dentist, the gum will stay happily in its new position. Your final gum bone position is critical. As Ken always says, “The bone sets the tone.”

We aim to help you land the smile of your dreams. If you are unhappy with your smile’s appearance or think your gums are stealing the spotlight from your teeth, please get in touch.

With our help, you will leave Riveredge with a smile you love.