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Riveredge Cosmetic Dentistry
Unit 2C
Hylton Park
Sunderland SR5 3HD

About Us

Cosmetic dental work is incredibly personal, and we want you to feel confident about coming to Riveredge. Get to know us better!

About Us

Cosmetic dental work is incredibly personal, and we want you to feel confident about coming to Riveredge. Get to know us better!

Our Commitment to Excellence

We are a private dentist in Sunderland who prides ourselves on our world-class standards and providing the best quality treatments and service.


Leading Industry Experts

Our dentists are at the top of their field, and Riveredge is the only dental practice to have two accredited dentists in-house. They lecture around the world, teaching other dentists about cosmetic dentistry and regularly travel to the United States for seminars, conferences, and other learning and teaching opportunities.

We invest in our team and incorporate technology thoughtfully. Our focus on staying current with the rapid technological advances in dentistry today keeps us at the top of the tree when it comes to smile creation. We are very selective about which tools we introduce, using only the technology that enhances patient care and smile outcomes.

A Patient-First Approach and Accommodating Treatment Timelines

Every single team member at Riveredge believes in creating a premium patient experience. We appreciate your confidence in our abilities and strive to impress you at every opportunity.

Our dentists have decades of experience and aim to put patients at ease from their first visit. We do not have the same time pressures as our colleagues in the health service and can work at a pace that’s comfortable for you.

As a cosmetic dental practice, we believe beautiful smiles build self-esteem and change lives. We want to make every appointment at our practice personable – people come for the dentistry but stay for the team.

Ongoing Training

Ongoing Training for Practitioners

Dentistry changes constantly, and you want a team that knows the ins and outs of the industry. With our commitment to advanced education and hands-on training, the team at Riveredge go way beyond the “required” levels of service.

Our successful completion of many top-level cosmetic dentistry courses in the USA and worldwide is unsurpassed by any other cosmetic dentistry team in the country, placing Riveredge firmly at the forefront of cosmetic dentistry here in the UK.

First-Class Results from an Experienced Team of Dental Professionals

When team members stick around for the long haul, it is a very good sign for prospective patients. Cosmetic dentistry is a complex speciality within the field of general dental services, and the experience of the dental team is paramount.

Many of our staff have been here for years. They are quite attuned to each other’s workflows, and the teamwork shows in how seamlessly they work together to give you a smile you love.

Professional Dental Team

Our Practice on the River

Named for our original location, Riveredge Cosmetic Dentistry has always been near the River Wear in Sunderland. We opened our UK dental practice in 2000 and stayed in the same building until 2021. The good news is that we did not have to move far. Click the button below to find out what makes our practice so special.

Smile Gallery

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so there must be a lot to say about our before and after photos. Our smile gallery is chock full of minor upgrades to complex restorations – and each with beautiful, flattering results.


Riveredge Cosmetic Dentistry is known for creating gorgeous smiles and making patients feel amazing about their results. We wanted to know what people thought about their experience at our dental practice, so we asked them to tell us about it.


Not long after Riveredge opened its doors, we started winning awards. From cosmetic dentistry awards to practice awards and business awards, we have amassed quite a trophy case over the years.

Latest News

Want to know what is happening at the practice? Whenever there are updates to share with current and prospective patients, you will find them here on our dental blog.

We are proud of the number of patients we have helped over the years. Our top-tier team aims to create smiles that upgrade your aesthetic and boost your confidence. Get in touch with one of our incredible team members to book a consultation.