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Gap Close (Diastema)

Is the gap between your teeth a distinguishing feature of your smile, or would you rather close it up?

Gap Close (Diastema)

Is the gap between your teeth a distinguishing feature of your smile, or would you rather close it up?

What is a Gap Closing Procedure?

Smiles with noticeable spaces between the teeth, especially right in the middle, can be an aesthetic concern for many people. If you have a gap in your teeth that makes you feel self-conscious, there are cosmetic dental techniques that can eliminate the gap. A cosmetic dentist can provide results that make it look like the gap was never there at all.

Often, dentists use minimally invasive adhesive composite bonding techniques to fill the gap. This treatment requires no drilling, just very clever dental glue that hardens to look like your natural tooth structure. Depending on your needs and preferences, porcelain veneers or dental crowns can also be a viable option for a natural-looking, aesthetically pleasing result.

Diastema Treatment Benefits

Though a gap between the teeth is not harmful, treating it offers patients certain benefits, including:
Tooth gap close at Riveredge

Replace Tooth Gaps with a Beautiful Smile at Riveredge Cosmetic Dentistry

The award-winning dentists at our Sunderland cosmetic dentistry create stunning smiles for our patients. Many of those we treat are referred to our practice by their general dentist. We take the number of referrals as a compliment to the level of patient care and treatment results we generate.

Patients who come to our practice are impressed by the smile transformations we create using composite bonding techniques. Through careful planning and sculpting, we give patients a smile upgrade often in a single visit.

FAQs About Gap Close Procedures

Our dentists have changed the appearance of tooth gaps for many of our patients with exceptional results. Learn more about gap closing at Riveredge by reading through these common questions about the treatment.
Does my tooth gap have to be completely closed?
For many people, their gap is part of their personality; a “trademark smile”, if you like, and to have it fully closed may be a step too far. But if you are just a little bit curious about how you might look with a slightly smaller gap, we can show you!
Should my gaps be closed with porcelain veneers?
Of course, your gaps can be closed using porcelain veneers or crowns, but recent advances in composite bonding techniques mean your spaces can also be closed with a less invasive approach using hi-tech dental adhesives.
Will closing the gap in my teeth change how I speak?
Your speech may change, perhaps for the better! Many people report no longer whistling or lisping once we close the space between their teeth.
What if I change my mind and want to reverse the treatment?

If your gap is closed using composite bonding, it is a relatively simple task to remove the resin material and restore your gap to its former glory. However, in the 20+ years since Riveredge was founded, we have been asked to do this for just one patient.

Gallery of Riveredge Diastema Patients

When you eliminate gaps in the teeth, you enhance the appearance of your smile. These before and after photos of actual Riveredge patients illustrate how transformative diastema treatment can be.
Gap Close Before Gap Close After
Gap Close After
Case 1
Gap Close Before Gap Close After
Gap Close Before Gap Close After
Case 2

Though some claim that a gap between the teeth is lucky, others may disagree. We can design a smile for you that closes or minimises the gaps in your teeth, which can completely upgrade your confidence.

Lose the gaps and gain a smile you love. Get in touch to learn more.